“Thanks for another great event together Pepper! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work before, during and after the event - your contribution always makes our design and the workshop itself so much better. As ever the clients are amazed by your creativity and all the capture of the day now has pride of place back in the office. Can’t wait to do it all again – always a pleasure and an adventure to work together.”
— Ann Braithwaite

Graphic facilitation is the skill that has taken me across New Zealand and Australia the most. It's also one of the hardest jobs to describe to people!

As a graphic facilitator, I capture the key concepts from a meeting, speaker, or debate, and present them in a concisely synthesised visual format. Some people refer to them as mind maps.

Most people benefit from visual cues and reminders of things they've learned. Graphic facilitation takes this to the next level by doing it in real-time, taking people's ideas and presenting them beautifully in images that can be used later for communications and reference.

Industries I've worked for: primary sector, horticulture, finance, international maritime shipping, government ministries, and more.